There are numerous places you can go in pursuit of information about a yogic diet and a plant-based diet, but here at the Yogic Diet, you will learn how to use that ancient knowledge to change your life for the better. The facts are out there. My skills and expertise allow me to offer you additional tools of emotional and spiritual transformation, as well as, sound nutritional counseling. I am more than a nutritional counselor and more than a yoga professional.

By working with me, you will employ multiple mindful tools to succeed in this life altering journey you are about to embark on. Intentional self-care contains nourishing whole foods, yoga practices, and positive thinking; these are all tools I use – things I do to nurture myself, and I teach others to integrate into their daily rituals and routines.

First off, I visualize you as your higher self: a healthier, happier, and more enlivened version of yourself. Guiding people through realignment and harmony in their lives is my dharma. I consider helping people in this way to be my life’s calling. Growing up in poverty, and in severely stressful family dynamics, I turned to food to comfort myself and to numb away anxiety, anger, sadness, low self-esteem, and loneliness. As an adult, and a yogini, I had the gift and responsibility to unpack and work on cleaning and clearing these feelings and behaviors. So, I empathize.

When the root of the old patterns that hold us back are met with self-love, these patterns dissolve. We make new grooves and new bold moves, and in this process – we witness ourselves grow and heal. We are kinder, more loving, and a more radiant light in the world. This world needs our light!

My mission is to heal people’s food issues and save the planet from climate change through a plant-based diet, mindfulness, and yoga practices. I have an MA from Rice University, a Cornell nutrition certification, and 25 years of yoga experience.

On a personal level, I’ve had an established meditation practice since 1996, and I am a global citizen and have lived and worked outside of the United States in Italy, China, Indonesia, and Kuwait for 11 years. Traveling to over 25 countries has opened my mind and my heart to the solid understanding that we are one human family.

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Hiba Kabbani

Monique’s informative Yogic Diet is about finding a better version of YOU. She is always communicating and checking in with her clients to make sure that the program serves as a push towards growth in a very individualized way. Being in Monique's Yogic Diet is not only about raising our awareness about food and health, but it is also about taking a step towards knowledge of the self."