Living the Yogic Diet

The Yogic Diet stands for self-care and promoting the practices of mindful eating, hatha yoga, and incorporating an immunity building plant-based diet.

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” – Michael Pollan

Plant-Based Diet

There are three key reasons to incorporate a whole foods plant-based diet into your life. It has been scientifically shown as the best diet for a strong immune system and…

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Mindful Eating

Even more important than what you eat is when and how you eat. All food is sacred. However, the way that we eat has a huge impact on our health…

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Hatha Yoga

I am here for you in this Covid-19 crisis by offering online yoga classes via the Zoom platform. I look forward to serving you to support your health and wellness…

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Work With Me

Live online yoga classes, recorded yoga classes, and meditations.


Explore the topics of food, yoga, and mindfulness.


Nurture Yourself…Detox Easily…Transform Your Life!


Take the next step toward health, inner peace, and happiness.


Side effects of yoga are great health and abundant energy.

Hatha Yoga

Live online Kid's Yoga ages. Fun stories acted out with yoga poses.

Kid's Yoga

Live online Silver Yoga is a gentle class for mature bodies.

Silver Yoga

"I attended the yoga diet workshop and the experience reignited my interest and commitment to transition to a plant-based diet. I learned new ways to include protein in meals and other practical information like shopping and food prep tips. Besides being informative, it was fun and strengthened my resolve to make healthy dietary changes. Don’t just take my word for it - please have the experience yourself. Monique is an effective teacher with a beautiful heart. "

- Taren Johnston

"So grateful to Monique for encouraging me to adopt a plant-based lifestyle and yoga. I've lost over 10lbs!"

- Cassandra Hetherington

"It was a really fun. I learned food discipline and how to listen to the language of my body. Monique is a magical coach as she helps put the whole puzzle together of body, mind, and soul."

– Juliet Imouokhome

"Exercising is more fun and I have more energy. I am most thankful for the information I learned about food regarding what foods help me feel good and fill me up. I was sure that I didn’t have to diet to lose weight. I just needed to know which foods to choose."

- Amy Ozelton

"Monique’s loving and practical approach to a plant-based diet, eating as a spiritual practice and hatha yoga helped me make the much needed transition from my old way of mindless eating. Being in that small group setting was great, and I felt free from any judgement. I have always been resistant to change, but seriously wanted to find a way to better self-care. The Yogic Diet was the definite move I needed to make."

Scott Woodard

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