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Hatha Yoga Single Classes

Some of the side effects of yoga are great health, abundant energy, proper weight, stress and pain reduction, and lasting feelings of tranquility, peace, and unconditional love.

Hatha Yoga

Silver Yoga

Live online Silver Yoga is a gentle class for senior individuals or those dealing with injured or mature muscles and joints, hoping to maintain strength and flexibility going into their golden years.

Silver Yoga

Doni Hieronymus

"I’ve taken other yoga classes and I prefer Monique’s style of teaching by far. My favorite thing about her method is that rather than repeating the same basic 8 to 10 moves, our classes usually vary in content. We do many different types of yoga poses: Standing, seated and prone; Balance, twists and stretches; Core strength, coordination and reaching. 

Plus we do aspirational poses, where we do the best we can today and look forward to someday achieving the full pose. Also, we always begin class with an inspirational thought or quote, and I find myself referring back to these throughout my day. 

I feel fortunate to have connected with Monique. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to belong to a group that seeks fitness and well being."