Plant-Based Diet

There are three key reasons to incorporate a whole foods plant-based diet into your life. It is the best diet for a strong immune system and optimal health. It is the number one way to have a positive impact on climate change. Additionally, eating a plant-based is also an act of compassion and respect toward all living creatures. 

1. Improve Your Health

Clinicians have examined and conducted peer-reviewed scientific studies for decades and found that one set of lifestyle changes, which includes a whole food plant-based diet, stress relief, exercise, and social support, leads to beneficial changes in: heart disease, cancer, type two diabetes, lowering blood pressure, cholesterol reduction, and weight loss. Some of the top plant-based experts that you may want to discover are:

2. Save the Planet

Conscientious people are trying to help combat climate change by driving more fuel-efficient cars and using energy-saving light bulbs, but these measures simply are not enough. If you are serious about protecting the environment, the largest impact that you can have is to stop eating: meat, eggs, and dairy products.

Scientists agree that factory farming produces as much greenhouse gases as the entire transportation industry. Massive amounts of grain, water, and other resources are used to grow, kill, process, transport, and store farm animals. For thousands of years the world’s forest acted to absorb greenhouse gases and give us oxygen to breathe. Now, every one minute, a football field sized area is cut down to grow grain crops for farmed animals. 

3. Practice Compassion

Remember the horrible fires in Australia in which the world lost 1.5 billion animals? The amount of land animals killed for food per day worldwide is 50 million. In addition to death, the pain and fear that these animals experience is something to consider. One key tenet of yoga is ahimsa (non-harming). Factory farming, and even organic farming practices, still cause much fear, pain, and harm to animals.

Nearly all the animals raised for food in America today spend their lives on factory farms. The amount of torture that these animals endure in these factory farms is unconscionable. One video that delves deeply into this topic about the ethics of eating meat is Toward Rational Authentic Food Choices by Melanie Joy

I would love to help you transition to a whole food plant-based diet! I am super passionate about cooking and eating these delicious foods and teaching others to do the same.

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