Private Yoga Lessons

Working with me one-on-one is a life changing opportunity. I take you on a journey that focuses on holistic health and the bigger picture. Together we look at your issues, outdated patterns, and feelings that no longer serve or cause toxicity in your life. We make taking care of yourself your top priority and delve into how you can take back control and autonomy of your body’s well-being through diet, exercise, holistic health, and intentional self-care.

I hold you accountable and hold the space for your success as you gain clarity, motivation, confidence, and healing. I am here to provide a safe place for your self-reflection, vulnerability, and growth. I am here in support and as a guide.

Our work goes deep and results in breakthroughs and lasting change.

Are you ready to take the next step toward health, inner peace, happiness? I am here for you, and my consulting packages are available for you. 

Yoga Private Lessons

Yoga private lessons are for people who want individualized instruction and careful guidance as they go deeper into their yoga asanas. 

You will receive:

  • One hour of focused attention and asana guidance
  • The ability to customize your yoga practice for your individual needs
  • Online access for your private lessons

Private Yoga Single Class

Schedule your private class for $75

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Private Yoga Package

Four (4) private yoga classes at $260

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Robin Beitman

I started yoga with Monique last fall. I did it more to see what yoga was like, without any expectations.  I have arthritis in my knees and hips that has gotten worse over time.  It was starting to affect my everyday life, but I wasn't looking to yoga due to the arthritis.  It's now April, and I am pretty much pain free in my joints.  When I miss a yoga session, and life happens, I can feel the pain start to creep back.  Doing yoga with Monique has made a difference in  my everyday life."