Finding Purpose

When I was four years old, I went to a wonderful Montessori school. I vividly remember asking all of the other kids to sit down while I stood at the small blackboard and declared that I was their teacher. I proceeded to “teach” them numbers, letters, and more.


It seems that my purpose has always been to be a teacher. I could be teaching kids in a school, teaching ESL to adults, teaching yoga, or teaching nutrition, but that thread remains the same.


Pictured above. I taught some kids yoga last week through the Peaceful Planet Foundation. It was so fun! I also did an Instagram live discussion last week with Jessica Sontag about finding one’s purpose. While researching some information about purpose, I found this cool equation from Richard Leider, the author of The Power of Purpose:


Your Gifts + Your Passion + Your Values = Your Purpose


I love these kinds of equations, so I immediately had to jot down some notes.


  1. My gifts are that I am good with people, a good facilitator, a good listener, and I am good at helping people make positive changes in their lives…mentally, physically, and spiritually.
  2. My passions include health, yoga, self-improvement, internationalism, multiculturalism, plant-based cooking, education, and spiritual growth.
  3. My values include courage, compassion, honesty, integrity, optimism, hope, and justice.


What are some of your gifts, passions, and values? Jot them down if you can, and hopefully it will give you insight on finding your purpose.


Finally, here’s a yummy baked tofu recipe for you to make. Try this Crispy Tofu and Sweet Chili Sauce. This could be served as an appetizer or as part of your meal with rice and veggies. Yum!



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