Finding Purpose

When I was four years old, I went to a wonderful Montessori school. I vividly remember asking all of the other kids to sit down while I stood at the small blackboard and declared that I was their teacher. I proceeded to “teach” them numbers, letters, and more.


It seems that my purpose has always been to be a teacher. I could be teaching kids in a school, teaching ESL to adults, teaching yoga, or teaching nutrition, but that thread remains the same.


Pictured above. I taught some kids yoga last week through the Peaceful Planet Foundation. It was so fun! I also did an Instagram live discussion last week with Jessica Sontag about finding one’s purpose. While researching some information about purpose, I found this cool equation from Richard Leider, the author of The Power of Purpose:


Your Gifts + Your Passion + Your Values = Your Purpose


I love these kinds of equations, so I immediately had to jot down some notes.


  1. My gifts are that I...
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