Plant-Based Diets Get Results

Uncategorized Feb 22, 2021

I coach people on moving towards a lifestyle that includes: a whole food plant-based vegan diet, yoga, and mindfulness. One of my clients just had her yearly bloodwork done. Blew me away!!! Cholesterol down from 289 to 126, triglycerides down from 191 to 100, glucose down from 213 to 102. Weight down by 53 pounds. She called me to say that I have changed her life and helped to save her life. She said her doctors clapped for her. Wow! Such a confirmation and validation that a plant-based diet works.

Here were some of the things that helped her get these dramatic results:

1. Don't buy the vegan junk food (like chips or beyond burgers). Walk on by....

2. Have only fruits (mainly fruit) or veggies as snacks. Portion them out.

3. Stop pouring oil on food. Vegetables taste delicious by themselves without all the extra calories.

4. Practice mindful eating by sitting down and eating quietly and consciously.

5. Be willing to go all in.


Our next nutrition workshop starts next week. Please reach out to me at [email protected] to have a conversation of discovery about the program.


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