Yoga and Aging

My husband was listening to a podcast recently in which an older man was speaking to a group of high school kids. He was telling them that he and his wife worked hard all of their lives and did a good job of accumulating wealth. However, they lost most of it due to health care costs as they aged. He shared with them that some of this could have been avoided. The kids wondered how. And he responded, “By staying healthy.” But how could they have done that? He said that he now knew if they had focused on eating inexpensive foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains, they could have avoided many of the lifestyle diseases that they now had to endure. 


Most younger people want to stay healthy because of beauty goals or energy needs. However, many may not consider how their accumulated lifestyle choices will affect their health and pocketbooks in the future. 


In addition to eating a simple, plant-based diet, practicing yoga also supports...

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