Forward Bending May Cure Insomnia

During the last few months I was brought to my knees by an acute episode of insomnia. It is interesting how our systems are so fragile that all kinds of things can come along and destabilize us, sometimes permanently.

We can't escape the lessons to be learned from physical suffering just because we may eat well, exercise regularly, and chant OM.

Anita Krizzan said, "When it hurts - observe. Life is trying to teach you something." This period of pain has been teaching me about humility and about readjusting my values back to selfless service, deepening my knowledge about yoga, exploring creativity, and trusting God to take care of me.

Forward bending is often associated with humility. Swami Satyananda Saraswati said, "An inability to bend forward may indicate a stiff, proud, or stubborn personality."  In my yoga classes, the month of May will be dedicated to forwarding bending asanas and the virtue of humility.

I wrote my first yoga poem, and I want to share with you.



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