We Get What We Need

I am taking a leap this week to borrow a line from the Rolling Stones as a spiritual teaching. 


I’ve been watching my daughter work very hard in her AP high school classes this semester. She’s a senior, and this is her grand finale for this period of her life. At times, it seemed that a few important things may fall through the cracks with such a busy schedule. 


I have been a bit grumpy and critical about the possibility of those important things falling through the cracks.


However, last week it was clear that she does really try hard, and that she does always seem to get what she needs. 


In fact, isn’t that true for all of us? Don’t we always get what we need?


Look back on your life. You may not have always gotten everything that you wanted. But did you get what you needed?


I can say that this is true for me. I do tend to get what I need.


For this week, when worries arise in your mind, you may...

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