Daily Rituals to Uplift Yourself

We are now in the full swing of the holidays. I hope you are taking time to find moments of peace and solace amid the busyness of life. Happy holidays to YOU and yours. May you find joy in simplicity and sweetness in your everyday life.



Update on the flaxseeds!!! If the words “regular” and “smooth” ring a bell, then you will understand that the flax does wonders for the digestive system. A happy digestive system makes for a good tummy, lighter body, and fog-free brain. I am adding one tablespoon of flaxseeds to my breakfast everyday. According to a Canadian study involving more than 6,000 women, those who eat flax seeds daily are 18% less likely to develop breast cancer. Wondering if you have added them in?  Also, I thought I would share some plant-based tips from my workshop participants. The first tip I want to share comes from Denise. Denise is working on mindful eating. Her rushed meals and snacks used to be taken between phone calls amid a very busy schedule. She would sometimes mindlessly snack on processed chips and biscuits from the bags. Now, she has given her employer notice that she will take a full hour lunch break in order to deepen her self-care. The full hour lets her take a daily walk after lunch. Additionally, she is measuring out her healthy fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables snacks at the beginning of the week and storing them in the refrigerator. By planning ahead, she is able to mindfully enjoy her snacks with confidence knowing that she is moving toward her health goals. How can you incorporate more mindful eating habits into your life?



I have been thinking about the benefits of daily rituals such as lighting candles or burning incense to get into the right frame of mind for activities such as: morning meditation, a nice hot soak in the tub, prayer, or yoga. Creating daily rituals can set the tone for how we want to start the day or to unwind in the evening. Additionally, candle light or lighting incense can help us to make a mental association with positive goals such as becoming more enlightened, having a lighter heart, enjoying a light, healthy body, and so on. In the mornings before my 5am meditation, I light a candle and an incense stick. This week I am adding another ritual. Around mid-day, I usually tidy up my house and vacuum up all the dust. Now, I am also using charcoal to light frankincense and camphor and carry it around the house for additional purification of the environment. I have seen this done in India, the Orient, Catholic churches, and in the Middle East. In the Middle East, this charcoal-based incense is called bakhoor. Imagine billowing plumes of frankincense smoke wafting through your house. Let’s see if we can raise the vibes of our environment and mental state with simple, interesting, and fun practices.



Oh my goodness!!! You need this in your life right now. This morning I made double chocolate vegan pancakes for breakfast. My family was thrilled with them. We need some sweet treats in our lives. I try to make a sweet treat breakfast like vegan french toast or delicious pancakes at least once per week. We all deserve treats. :) The double chocolate pancakes can be made gluten free or with regular flour and they include cacao powder, vegan chocolate chips, and a little coconut sugar. They didn’t need any additional sweetener once those chocolate chips melted. Wowza! Let me know if you love them. You can get all of my saved yogic diet recipes on the free Whisk app: https://whi.sk/vI4SG

Saving the planet, showing kindness to animals, and staying healthy eating one plant-based bite at a time.

Warm wishes,



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