It's all about the veggies and fruits

Dear Friend,

I had to realize that it is ok to be fit, healthy, radiant, and beautiful. Just as a small green plant grows into a flower to fulfill its destiny, so too can I be the beautiful flower that I was created to be.

Having a radiant body is like having money; both can seem unattainable. Sometimes we feel sinful for even wanting them.

We have a brief time on earth. The more we stay small, scared, sad, or in denial, the more we have to clean up later. Let’s not be so afraid to live fully in a strong, radiant body that we put off feeling great.

The Yogic Diet is about staying mindful with our eating habits, getting enough physical movement, and eating a healthy, sustainable, plant-based diet.

After many years, I finally got the food part mostly right. Changing to a plant-based diet helped me to become more stabilized with weight, emotions, energy levels, blood chemistry, iron levels, and emotional eating. 

However, I still found that being sedentary-ish and not being present/honest/mindful with my weight were holding me back from feeling like a strong, empowered, radiant, warrior badass. So, I got a scale. Mindfulness and accountability go hand in hand

I thought living without a scale equaled good self-care. And for many years, that was true. Now living with a scale is good self-care. Interesting how things change. 

Today’s eating and musings. I added a juicy, red-fleshed orange to my whole grain flakes, blueberries, soymilk, and chai breakfast. With the addition of the orange, I was more satiated, hydrated, and full all the way to lunch. 

I also realized today that I don’t care what you eat, if you have weight to lose or some food issues/health issues, you need to fill half your dinner and lunch plates with vegetables. Period.

I thought that vegan lentil sloppy joes or tempeh tacos topped with guacamole would be enough to keep me feeling great. But it is the large side of roasted or steamed vegetables that is the gift that keeps on giving. The freshly prepared produce is the ticket to health and freedom.

It is all about the veggies and the fruits.

So, for lunch today, I only needed two tempeh guac tacos because I had half a plate of roasted cauliflower with carrots. And with my mashed potato dinner (taters, soymilk, s&p), I had some steamed greens. Let’s go produce!

I also walked for 75 minutes today. I am shooting for 90 minutes of low intensity exercise (yoga and walking) per day.

I hope that you feel good, healthy, and inspired as you head into the last half of January 2021. As always, let me know if there is any way that I can support you in your health and wellness goals.

Lastly, just a quick reminder that lime cashew cream sauce covered enchiladas are coming to you this Saturday in our cooking series. I hope you can join us.




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