It's all about the veggies and fruits

Dear Friend,

I had to realize that it is ok to be fit, healthy, radiant, and beautiful. Just as a small green plant grows into a flower to fulfill its destiny, so too can I be the beautiful flower that I was created to be.

Having a radiant body is like having money; both can seem unattainable. Sometimes we feel sinful for even wanting them.

We have a brief time on earth. The more we stay small, scared, sad, or in denial, the more we have to clean up later. Let’s not be so afraid to live fully in a strong, radiant body that we put off feeling great.

The Yogic Diet is about staying mindful with our eating habits, getting enough physical movement, and eating a healthy, sustainable, plant-based diet.

After many years, I finally got the food part mostly right. Changing to a plant-based diet helped me to become more stabilized with weight, emotions, energy levels, blood chemistry, iron levels, and emotional eating. 

However, I still found that being sedentary-ish and not being...

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